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Final Show Standings :: 2019 CFA International Show Results

• • Final Standings 2018-19 Show Season • •

Top Siamese for the 2018-19 show season are pictured on the
Latest Winners page.

For a complete list of the top Siamese in each category and their points, we recommend you subscribe to the CFA Online Almanac at: secure.cfa.org

• • • International Show Results • • •

The 2019 CFA International Show was held
October 12-13 in Cleveland, Ohio
Congratulations to the Winners.

Best Siamese Kitten - Purple Show
San-Toi's Nao - Lilac Point Female

Best Siamese in Championship - Purple Show
GC Injoi Olympia of Shera Len - Blue Point Female

Best Siamese in Premiership - Purple Show
GP Bijoux Gabriel - Seal Point Neuter

Best Siamese Kitten - Teal Show
Yodan Ti Fou - Seal Point Male

Best Siamese in Championship - Teal Show
GC Ayuthaya Rehjkavik of Thaifong - Lilac Point Male

Best Siamese in Premiership - Teal Show
GP In Joi Heaven Sent Must Be Kismet - Blue Point Neuter




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