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The National Siamese Cat Club mourns the loss of retired CFA judge Miriam Faulkner who passed away on May 1, 2018 at the age of 101.

She came from Grand Island in the Buffalo area and her cattery was Grandyl. She was a breeder of Russian Blues, Siamese and Himalayans and a CFA Allbreed Judge for many years. She was very involved with CFA and the local cat fancy including the founding of the Genesee Cat Fanciers, Monroe Shorthair Club and Hallmark Himalayan in Rochester, NY. She retired from judging in 2003 but was a frequent visitor and assisted at the local shows for years after.

RIP Miriam.


Final Show Standings :: CFA International Show Results

• • Final Standings 2017-18 Show Season • •

For a complete list of the top Siamese in each category and their points, we recommend you subscribe to the CFA Online Almanac at: secure.cfa.org

• • • International Show Results • • •

The CFA International Show was held on November in Portland, Oregon.
Congratulations to the Winners.

Best Siamese Kitten
Areestocats Purple Rain - Lilac Point Male

Best Siamese in Championship
GC, RW Nepeta Quintero of Jedicat - Seal Point Male

Best Siamese in Premiership
GP Jim-An-Di Gainsborough - Blue Point Neuter



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