The objectives of The National Siamese Cat Club (NSCC), as stated in the club’s constitution, are as follows:

  1. to promote the welfare of all cats,
  2. to promote the breeding of Siamese cats to the standards as accepted by The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and to protect the purity of the breed,
  3. to promote Siamese cats through the sponsorship of cat shows, exhibits, displays and breed booths,          
  4. to promote sportsmanship and friendship among Siamese fanciers,
  5. to sponsor awards for Siamese as decided by the membership,
  6. to promote Siamese through a club newsletter.

Persons interested in the objectives of the organization are eligible for membership.

Applications for membership must be made in writing and accompanied by one year’s dues. All new applications must be sponsored by either a regular or lifetime NSCC member in good standing. Applications are then reviewed by an appointed committee of three club members and a two-thirds majority vote is needed for acceptance into the club.

Club membership includes a subscription to the National Siamese Cat Club Newsletter, which is published three times a year.


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